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My Facebook (@YourMuslimCopywriter) reviews have been giving me some trouble! Some reviews suddenly disappeared, apparently I’m not the first to experience this. So, I decided my best bet is to get what is still there and post it elsewhere. So here goes:

How to Present Your Product or Service

your muslim copywriter copywriting tips

Have you ever sat in a room or at the table … somewhere, anywhere – with a bunch of people speaking the same language you do, only to feel like they’re speaking a different language?   The nature of their conversation is so foreign to you that you’re sitting there thinking, “uh, okay – maybe […]

Leap Only When Ready Otherwise Your Chances of Falling Increase

content and writing tips for muslim businesses

Having the entrepreneurial spirit sometimes means that we get excited about getting things done. Sometimes getting things done means it has to be timed effectively, otherwise you’d have just wasted your time, thinking you’re “getting it done” but you’re not. That being said, with social media you have a number of platforms to pick from: […]

Find the Right Focus

muslim copywriting and content marketing

Social media is a very valuable tool – it can leverage your business through engagement and make an unknown name into a very famous well known name. Since I specialize in writing for Muslim businesses that target Muslims I’m going to be specific here. Muslims in general are very lax in how they treat social […]

Stay In the Zone – Be Consistent

writing for muslim businesses and content creation

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves. We are working hard, but we aren’t seeing results! Ever feel that way? The thing about digital marketing is it takes time. Of course the harder you work, the faster you can advance the process, but still it takes time. You’ll start posting on social media platforms with […]

It Takes Some Time to Get It Right

how to write good copy and content for muslim businesses

Do you remember when we were in school and first learned the basics of spelling? I remember hearing people would always say, “Just sound it out!” Uh, that still doesn’t work for me! SOMETIMES THINGS ARE NOT THAT SIMPLE It’s not as obvious as people say it is, or you think it should be. The […]

Digital Marketing Done Right?

online marketing for muslim businesses marketing to muslim audience

There are so many digital marketing strategies out there, with many guarantees and big promises of success… >>> Some say the secret to good digital marketing is building a subscribers list. Not just any list but a targeted list of people that actually want to read what you have to say – everyday! (Apparently, for […]