Have you ever sat in a room or at the table … somewhere, anywhere – with a bunch of people speaking the same language you do, only to feel like they’re speaking a different language?
The nature of their conversation is so foreign to you that you’re sitting there thinking, “uh, okay – maybe I should go?”
Depending on how close you are to them you may tell them it sounds like jibberish to you or if you don’t know them that well, you may very urgently be busy with a text message.
(You know, that very important message you had to reply, like the one from the Whatsapp group you’re on that just posted a meme of Mr.Bean.)
In business, the last thing you want is for your potential customers to feel lost like that. Since they likely don’t know your company, they wouldn’t bother telling how they have no clue what you’re on about/selling/why you’re even there.
They leave. Lost sale!
The advice of one of the best copywriters ever – Joesph Sugarman, is that when you have a complex item then simplify it as much as possible. If it’s something simple (like a grapefruit) then beef it up and make it complex.
If it’s an item well known, meaning it is experienced by many others, then add excitement to it.
Add something worth remembering like how this grapefruit is grown in rich lemon peel compost that nourishes the pulp within the fruit to create a full flavour impact that blows you away at the first bite (I have no idea is that is possible but you get the point – just make sure whatever you say is true!).
If it’s complex then of course make it simple to understand so people can really appreciate its value.