Businesses come to me because they understand the value of a copywriter;  I imagine you’re here because you’re one such business. Big companies have an in-house copywriter, but despite all businesses needing a copywriter, not all can afford to keep one on their payroll. That’s where I come in!

Consider this

Hiring me means you’ll be working with a highly professional digital copywriter, that’s committed to leveraging your brand and scaling your business through targeted copy.

(By the way, all copy by a professional copywriter is targeted – the more we can narrow the scope the greater you’ll be in front of the right audience – the ones that convert!)

I’m continuously learning and increasing my knowledge to make sure my copy is on point, morphing into the times.

Knowledge is POWER!

I am constantly joining webinars, taking courses and expanding my knowledge. The reason, is one simple answer…

To polish my digital copywriting game and create high quality, result driven, conversion copy.

The internet is constantly changing – what worked before may not work tomorrow. Staying in the loop means I can provide the best service to my clients. Here are a list of my current digital marketing certifications (expect the list to keep growing)!

The COMPLETE Package

While copywriting is my passion, digital marketing has broadened my world and skill set. Digital marketing is about utilizing all mediums made available to you, allowing you to capture all potential leads/customers. Which means, if you want to be successful in this game, you have to know how it all comes together!

Want to know the difference a copywriter on your side can do?

E-mail me! Let’s talk… you might be surprised as to how much more you could be doing to improve your business.