Do you remember when we were in school and first learned the basics of spelling? I remember hearing people would always say, “Just sound it out!”

Uh, that still doesn’t work for me!


It’s not as obvious as people say it is, or you think it should be.

The same holds true for writing for your business!

FLOW AND FEEL of writing comes from your use grammar (correctly or not), and the order in which you place words.

>>> Pay attention to not only the words that you use, but also how you organize it on the page.

>>> Keep Thesaurus .com up and use it to find the words you need that invoke the emotion you are looking to invoke

>>> Get a second set of eyes to review what you write. Feedback will help you to see if you hit or missed the mark. It will also pick up on the things you overlooked (sometimes it’s so obvious, but you miss it because you’ve looked at it so much).