Having the entrepreneurial spirit sometimes means that we get excited about getting things done. Sometimes getting things done means it has to be timed effectively, otherwise you’d have just wasted your time, thinking you’re “getting it done” but you’re not.

That being said, with social media you have a number of platforms to pick from:
>>> Facebook
>>>Pinerest …etc.

It takes time to build up a network; it also takes time to effectively use these mediums to enhance your business.

Each platform has a different purpose. You cannot use LinkedIn to post pictures of your newest recipes (hardly anyone will care, and they may even get annoyed with you).

>>>Know what you want to achieve, who your audience is and then proceed to pick what platforms you want to us.

Start off slowly, get used to it – get consistent. Build, then expand. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking you need to have all of them (or even half of them) to be successful. Even if you just pick one platform but you work-it really well, you’ll see results.

~ Quick Measuring Stick ~

Don’t look at the number of followers you have, look at the amount of engagement you’re getting. That’s how you’ll know how well you’re progressing.