Social media is a very valuable tool – it can leverage your business through engagement and make an unknown name into a very famous well known name.

Since I specialize in writing for Muslim businesses that target Muslims I’m going to be specific here.

Muslims in general are very lax in how they treat social media. For them it’s just another “thing” to add to their business.

However, if you want to harness the power of social media you have to be more conscious of what you’re doing with it.

Don’t just throw anything out there, don’t ignore people that comment, don’t leave people hanging that message you. If people are taking the time to come to you, make sure you reciprocate properly.

Also, social media is an opportunity to display your personality.

Don’t be a robot.

Be human, talk to people, help people, encourage them, say something that can benefit them etc.

Lastly, please don’t keep selling them- social media should be 80% benefit the people, and 20% about your products or services.