There are so many digital marketing strategies out there, with many guarantees and big promises of success…

>>> Some say the secret to good digital marketing is building a subscribers list. Not just any list but a targeted list of people that actually want to read what you have to say – everyday! (Apparently, for this to work well, you need to email them Every. Single. Day.)

>>> Some say it’s in creating an incredible offer. The lead magnet – an appeal to the nature of man’s greed by offering something free (ie. incentive): ebook, giveaway, etc. This gets their attention, then their email address (which keeps their attention long enough to establish trust), then comes the sale.

>>> Some say it’s a website that answers 3 questions in 5 seconds – what you offer, how it will make their life better, and what they need to do to buy it (Brand Story).

>>> Some say it is in creating videos, advertising online, and/ or constantly engaging via value based blogging.

There are many more opinions out there, but the point is the digital realm is constantly morphing into a more “relatable beast”. What worked amazing one day, won’t necessarily another. Each audience is different. Some things work seamlessly for some, while for others not really.

One (1) COMMON ELEMENT that all DIGITAL MARKETING efforts need to have?

You guessed it!

A solid, clear concise message (a.k.a copywriting) 
….*just pointing it out in case ya missed it*

>>> Don’t stress yourself about it! <<<

Just keep making an effort. As Muslims it’s important we realize that our provision in this world (rizq) is written. However, we are required to strive to the best of our ability in order to earn it in a halal, ethical manner.

Start the journey (or keep it going)! InshaAllah, The All Knowing, The Most Merciful will bless your efforts and increase you in good, in both this world and the hereafter (Ameen).