Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves. We are working hard, but we aren’t seeing results! Ever feel that way?

The thing about digital marketing is it takes time. Of course the harder you work, the faster you can advance the process, but still it takes time.

You’ll start posting on social media platforms with no engagement: no likes, no followers, no comments – nada!
But you do it, every day .

EVERY. DAY. Yes… it will help to speed up the process of getting attention.

>>>Get a bit obsessive about it (in a healthy way!)<<<

Over time, you’ll start seeing the results. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up. But think about it, you’re trying to stand out in a place where the entire world comes together by adding thoughts, pictures, businesses etc. 
Give yourself time, and keep at it, InshaAllah.

The concept of consistency is also an Islamic one. Small steps, but consistent. Allah loves consistency.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small”. 
[Bukhaari and Muslim]