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Digital Marketing Copywriting Services

 As a web copywriter, I free my clients from the hassle of trying to write strategized content to attract their ideal customers. No more hair pulling (or hijab twisting!). With my expertise, female entrepreneurs can focus on the part of their business that they actually enjoy (and are amazing at) while I take care of creating engaging, targeted copywriting to get them growing fast! InshaAllah

Landing/Squeeze Pages

Sales pages, landing pages, or “squeeze pages” – the place you direct traffic to take action. 

A result driven page needs to be a single minded, specific page. Entice people to take the action you want them to take through effectively communicating your understanding of their needs & offering a solution. 

Lead Magnets

In the world of digital marketing, we call lead magnets, “ethical bribes.”

A lead magnet, often in the form of an e-book, info graph or even video is a value based exchange for an email/contact etc. 

Funnel Writing

Regardless of what platform you’re using to execute your funnel, you’ll need carefully crafted copy to convert. 

To be successful, you can’t just throw in any type of copy; you need a hook, story and irresistible offer!

Website Content

This is where you live online. 

Your online business location is best equipped with what makes your customer comfortable. Build rapport, have a personality and most importantly make it worth their while (offer value)! 

E-mail Marketing

Without creating proper email campaigns you are leaving money on the table!

Right now, in 2020, email marketing remains the best way to convert and retain customers with an ROI of up to 4400%!

E-commerce Product Listings

Getting exposure on your product listings means you have to make sure to include enough details.

By writing specifically to your USP you will discover the power of good branding. Brand voice is everything to your audience.

People don’t buy the ‘thing’ they by the experience, make it worth it!

Real Marketing WORKS!

I’m going to be real here, most small businesses don’t know what a copywriter is or does. They are convinced that since they speak the language then they can write effective copy and call it a day. So let me explain.

A copywriter’s job is to get someone to take action, thus it is very strategized. It takes knowing who your ideal client it, what’s going on in their head, what keeps them up at night, why you’re the answer and then crafting copy with your end goal in mind. It’s not simply slapping words on a screen, nor is it “keyword stuffing” as some like to think.  


SUCCESSFUL CoachES Understand the Value Of Professionals

It’s time to take your coaching game up a notch!

There are so many talented women that have embraced their gifts and entered into the coaching world 👊. However, while they may be an expert in their coaching niche many struggle with online marketing. A huge component to that is copywriting, after all most people are seeing something in text. Even if it’s a video, it first started as a script. Coaching relies heavily on digital marketing strategies to build reputation and land quality clients.

Many coaches I’ve spoken with struggle to get their right messaging because they’re too close to see what everyone else does. They also struggle with the various components of a properly executed funnel which includes writing an effective landing page. Many are unable to find the time to coach and grow their business by consistently engaging their highly valuable e-mail list, create value driven assets etc. It’s a lot of work!! 

Yes, these tasks suck the energy out of many people, because it’s not the thing they love doing, and want to be doing!

Here’s Where I Come In


Coaches that are highly motivated to rise in this competitive industry seek me out to ensure their value is not hidden behind rambles, flat stories, and irrelevant content. As an expert copywriter with certifications in digital marketing (email marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce etc.) my clients get help from every angle digital marketing throws at you!

Yes, I know, you can hire people on Fiverr or cheap VA’s to write for you. That’s absolutely true but you’re paying for them to simply produce content, without considering the nuances of your niche (and language!!), your audience and your brand. Targeted messaging is fundamental to your success!  As a coach your messaging is a fine balance between staying very true to yourself, your personality (brand tone), and your skills alongside building enough rapport to make your audience understand that you get THEM. This can be very hard for coaches to nail!

IF this is you...
You're Losing money

The copy you put our there is everything you are as a business. It is everything potential customers will learn to love (or hate) about your brand. It is the height of business strategy and requires careful thought. 

Choose wisely. 


I’m a native English speaker. Unfortunately it’s the only language I know, but clients have hired me to write English copy from French and Arabic with the use of Google translate 😉👊. 

I live in Canada, I’m a devout Muslim, mom of three and a strong advocate for the use of chocolate chips!🙃

I am a published author of the book Muslim Marriage 101, and used to love writing poetry, I even recited one of them on a Dawud Wharnsbly Ali cd ( ol’ skool – I cringe at the thought of it, lol). I have an e-commerce store (I don’t do much with it – its bad) called Muslim Child – selling thobes now, but before it was “funny” Muslim baby clothes. So I know 3dcart, Shopify, wooCommerce. 

I have worked as a copywriter since 2011 and in digital marketing since 2015. I like to break things down by telling stories, penetrate barriers by building rapport through empathy, elicit emotions through targeted messaging and solve problems with real solutions. ❤️ I also quite enjoy creating and editing promo videos. 

I like to think of myself as a truth marketer. No lying, rather leveraging the value clients have but fail to really see. This makes for real connections and attracts clients to you, instead of you running after them!

Psst… a side note here, I only work with female clients 🤩🌹

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